1. 1 Nominations are accepted from two sources—the media selection committee and the advisory committee, consisting of previously inducted Saints Hall of Famers.
  2. 2 Those eligible for nomination include any player, coach, or front-office person of distinction who is retired from the National Football League and has not been with the New Orleans Saints organization for at least three (3) years.
  3. 3 The advisory committee will submit one (1) recommendation to the media selection committee.
  4. 4 The media selection committee is urged to strongly consider the recommendation of the advisory committee, but there is no obligation to elect the recommended individual.
  1. 5 The media selection committee will elect one but no more than two persons to the Saints Hall of Fame on an annual basis. It is strongly recommended to induct someone annually. Inducting more than one annually should only occur in the case of very strong cases made for induction.
  2. 6 Accomplishments on the field are the primary criteria used to nominate and select members of the Saints Hall of Fame. That is first and foremost. Character off the field is a secondary consideration, which is applicable, particularly when the person being considered was with the New Orleans Saints.
  3. 7 The media selection committee will nominate and select Joe Gemelli “Fleur De Lis” award recipients (typically, one per year). This honor is presented to a person who has contributed to the betterment of the New Orleans Saints and supported the franchise. This award is not intended for Saints players, coaches, or primary front-office personnel.
  4. 8 You may nominate candidates prior to and up to the meeting to select Hall of Famers.

Previous Hall of Fame Inductees

2022 Devery Henderson

2022 Fred McAfee

Jahri Evans

2021 Jahri Evans

Roman Harper

2021 Roman Harper

Reggie Bush

2019 Reggie Bush

Marques Colston

2019 Marques Colston

Pierre Thomas

2018 Pierre Thomas

Lance Moore

2018 Lance Moore

Jonathan Vilma

2017 Jonathan Vilma

Carl Nicks

2017 Carl Nicks

Will Smith

2016 Will Smith

Michael Lewis

2015 Michael Lewis

Tyrone Hughes

2015 Tyrone Hughes

2014 Aaron Brooks

John Carney

2014 John Carney

La'Roi Glover

2013 La’Roi Glover

2012 Deuce McAllister

Tom Benson

2012 Tom Benson

Sammy Knight

2011 Sammy Knight

Joe Horn

2010 Joe Horn

Morten Andersen

2009 Morten Andersen

Willie Roaf

2008 Willie Roaf

2007 Joe Johnson

Joel Hilgenberg

2006 Joel Hilgenberg

Rueben Mayes

2004 Rueben Mayes

Steve Sidwell

2004 Steve Sidwell

Wayne Martin

2003 Wayne Martin

Jim Dombrowski

2003 Jim Dombrowski

2002 Jim E. Mora

Frank Warren

2002 Frank Warren

Hoby Brenner

2001 Hoby Brenner

Jim Wilks

2001 Jim Wilks

Pat Swilling

2000 Pat Swilling

Vaughan Johnson

2000 Vaughan Johnson

Bobby Hebert

1999 Bobby Hebert

Eric Martin

1999 Eric Martin

Sam Mills

1998 Sam Mills

Dalton Hilliard

1998 Dalton Hilliard

Rickey Jackson

1997 Rickey Jackson

Stan Brock

1997 Stan Brock

Dave Whitsell

1996 Dave Whitsell

Dave Waymer

1996 Dave Waymer

Doug Atkins

1995 Doug Atkins

Bob Pollard

1995 Bob Pollard

Jim Finks

1994 Jim Finks

Henry Childs

1994 Henry Childs

Joe Federspiel

1993 Joe Federspiel

John Hill

1992 John Hill

George Rogers

1992 George Rogers

Jake Kupp

1992 Jake Kupp

Tony Galbreath

1991 Tony Galbreath

Derland Moore

1991 Derland Moore

Billy Kilmer

1990 Billy Kilmer

Tom Dempsey

1989 Tom Dempsey

Tommy Myers

1989 Tommy Myers

Archie Manning

1988 Archie Manning


1988 Danny Abramowicz