We've Got Answers

  • Where is museum located? -Gate B, Plaza Level, Mercedes-Benz Superdome
  • When did the museum open? -July 16, 1988 in Rivertown, Kenner.
  • When is the museum open to the public? -Currently, the museum is not open but more news on that is coming soon.
  • What is the admission to the museum? -$10 per adult, $5 seniors (55 and over), $5 (12 and under)
  • Is the museum available for group tours? -Yes. Must be a group of 10 or more. Cost is $5 per person
  • How are Hall of Fame inductees selected? -Nominated and selected by a Media Selection Committee
  • Who is eligible for the Fleur de Lis Award? -Contributors to the betterment of the New Orleans Saints, outside of players, coaches and top front office personnel
  • Does the museum accept donations? -Yes. Contact (504) 471-2192 or e-mail saintshalloffame@aol.com
  • Can I schedule a tour of the museum? -Not at this time but contact us for more information