Fleur De Lis Award

The Joe Gemelli Fleur De Lis Award was created in 1989. This honor is presented to a person who has contributed to the betterment of the New Orleans Saints and supported the franchise. This award is not intended for Saints players, coaches, or primary front-office personnel. The award is named after the late Joe Gemelli, who was the founder of the Touchdown Club of New Orleans, a tremendous New Orleans Saints fan and New Orleans clothier.


1989—Al Hirt
1990—Joe Gemelli (award later named for him)
1991—Dave Dixon
1992—Charlie Kertz
1993—Wayne Mack
1994—Erby Aucoin
1995—Aaron Broussard
1996—Marie Knutson
1997—Angela Hill
1998—Joe Impastato
1999—Frank Wilson
2000—Bob Remy
2001—Peter “Champ” Clark
2002—Dean Kleinschmidt
2003—Jim Fast
2004—Bob Roesler
2005—NO INDUCTEES due to Hurricane Katrina

2006—Bernard Saverio “Buddy” Diliberto, Jr.
2007—New Orleans Saints Fans (Marcy Beter)
2008—Barra Birrcher
2009—Jerry Romig
2010—Dan Simmons & Glennon “Silky” Powell
2011—Bruce Miller
2012—Jim Henderson
2013—Peter Finney Sr.
2014—Al Nastasi and Tony Piazza
2015—Doug Thornton
2016—Howard Lee “Hokie” Gajan Jr.
2017—Jay Romig
2018—Michael C. Hebert
2019-Gov. Kathleen Blanco
2020-NO INDUCTEES due to pandemic
2021-Marco Garcia
2022-Kevin Mangum
2023-Steve Paretti and Bob Parkinson